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Services on offer

Having been a medical writer for the past eight years, I have delivered various products, ranging from med comms (e.g. manuscripts) to regulatory documents (e.g. CSRs) across various therapeutic areas. 

I offer drafting, editing, and QC services for the following kinds of products:

Regulatory documents

  • full and abridged Clinical Study Report

  • Clinical Study protocol

  • Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier

  • Investigator Brochure

  • Orphan Medicinal Product Application (scientific part)

  • Clinical Evaluation Report

  • Global Submission Dossier and Common Technical Document (certain modules; as a team)

Medical communications

  • Manuscript

  • Conference Abstract

  • Slide deck for presentations

  • Poster

  • Literature review

  • Global Value Dossier and Position Paper

  • Core Claims Dossier

  • Conference proceedings

  • KOL interviews

This list is by no means exclusive and I do offer customised and bespoke services in tune with your needs. 

Advantages in partnering with Describe

When you partner with Describe you receive the following benefits:

  • Professional services of a knowledgeable and experienced native English speaker

  • Transparency, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness 

  • Adherence to guidelines, regulations, and industry practices

  • Availability for consultation at your location throughout continental Europe


One of the main advantages of dealing with a professional freelance consultancy such as Describe is that overhead costs that accumulate when dealing with agencies are substantially reduced while quality remains high. I find that the key to effective pricing is understanding your needs. Which is what my goal will be on our first dialogue. Following signing a non-disclosure agreement, I will first talk to you about the specifics of your project, what your timelines and milestones are, evaluate the source documents you have, and then offer you a quote.


With this approach, each project we collaborate on is customised to your needs, which subsequently raises the benefit-to-cost ratio for you. Moreover, it allows for transparency all throughout and avoids hidden costs. Please note that you will be an integral part of the document development process, from the moment we have our first dialogue till the document is finalised

While pricing, I take into consideration the prevalent rates in Europe for medical writing services, as published in EMWA's journal Medical Writing .

I am also happy to provide my services for lower rates to non-profit organisations and academic institutions that are involved with healthcare and science education or promote technological understanding in the general public.

Get in touch with me for a confidential discussion on how I could satisfy your medical writing needs.