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Who I am

Greetings and welcome to Describe Scientific Writing & Communications.

I am Satyen Shenoy, a medical writer, and Describe is my freelance consultancy based in Germany.

Following a number of years of working as a biomedical researcher, in the academia as well as the pharmaceutical industry, on projects ranging from gene bashing to anticancer drug discovery, in 2010 I decided to merge my love for science and my flair for communication to venture into scientific writing. 

It has been a deeply satisfying ride on this learning curve ever since and in writing I have found my vocation. Having established my own independent consultancy in 2015, I have moved from strength to strength, delivering a wide range of regulatory and 'med comms' products, building a solid track record of quality output. However, at the end of the day, my biggest sense of fulfilment comes from knowing that I am doing my bit in communicating science. 

Professional development

The role of a medical writer has gained significant importance in recent years, commensurate with the range of products delivered by the medical writer.  As against an in-house writer who specialises in a particular kind of documentation, a freelance consultant is usually well-versed with different types of products, and their application and scope, such as regulatory documentation or medical communication or patient information. Hence, a freelance consultant such as myself always seeks to keep developing professionally. 

One of the most effective ways to do this, as I have discovered, is through active participation in the Professional Development Programme offered by the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) at its biannual conferences. In the past four years, I have attended close to a dozen EMWA workshops on topics ranging from excelling in manuscript writing to writing for lay people to using the eCTD for compiling global dossiers for submission. And this investment has paid off substantially in the projects I have successfully carried out for my clients. 

I am also an active EMWA volunteer on the Freelance Business Group subcommittee and the Expert Seminar Series subcommittee. Nothing pleases me as much as giving my time to such a fantastic organisation and helping develop freelance medical writing as a profession in Europe. 

I also network widely through other organisations. I am a member of MedComms Networking, an initiative by Network Pharma that aims at fostering interaction and dialogue between freelance medical writers across the EU. I am also a member of Verband der Gründer und Selbstständigen Deutschland e.V., an organisation based in Germany which aims at promotes freelancing and entrepreneurship in Germany.